Explore our three specific tracks. Gain key insights into how technology is being implemented at the country’s most successful companies.

Expect focused 25-minute sessions mixed with 50-minute panel discussions from executives and division heads who are successfully leading the Building technology revolution. Hear topics including…

  • Project Management
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling) software
  • Cloud & mobile technology
  • Tech-like offsite and modular construction
  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • Future-proofing and sustainability
  • And more!
Project Delivery

This track discusses how technology is revolutionizing the ways teams are able to manage, plan and execute projects, improve efficiency, as well as predict and get ahead of potential plan changes.

Topics will include virtual project management, BIM (Building Information Modeling) software, cloud & mobile technology, and construction software & data ecosystem, and predictive analytics.

Future of Building

The way developments are being built is changing every day. The Future of Building track will explore innovations and technologies revolutionizing the ways projects get off the ground.

Topics will include game-changing strategies and tech like offsite and modular construction.

This track is great for anyone to attend, but is geared toward construction.


This track dives into the technologies shaping the way modern developments are brought into reality from design to completion.

Topics will include augmented and virtual reality, future-proofing and sustainability, and innovative building materials. Also learn the high-level design trends that are shaping the industry.

This track is great for anyone to attend, but is geared toward design.